Community Reinvestment Grant

Pasadena Police Department
Asset Forfeiture Community Reinvestment Grant Program

The Pasadena Police Department is dedicated to excellence as a world class public safety agency. We are committed to establishing an environment in which members of the department and community thrive. We seek to be a catalyst for positive change through persistent, personalized and cost-effective use of public safety resources. The Pasadena Police Department hosts, supports, and attends community events throughout the year in order to provide an important presence to the community, making community members aware that we are here to listen, be transparent and to help work with them to build trust and strengthen the relationship between the department and community members.

The Pasadena Police Department is pleased to announce the availability of asset forfeiture funds for appropriation to community based non-profit organizations (501(c)(3) or (4)) whose stated missions are supportive of and consistent with a law enforcement effort, policy, and/or initiative. The purpose of the Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program allows law enforcement agencies to provide support to neighborhood safety, promote crime prevention, and provide drug abuse education and offer drug abuse prevention services. This is accomplished by offering funding to non-profit organizations which have developed specific projects to address these areas of concern. Our Asset Forfeiture Community Reinvestment Grant program is one critical component of our support for the neighborhoods that we protect and serve.