Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Application

This page is designed to give general information as well as specific requirements regarding the application process for
a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license from the Pasadena Police Department.
Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Applications are subject to the California Public Records Act.


The Concealed Weapons Carry license is governed by California Penal Code 26150–26225. Per the statute, applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a CCW issuance:

  1. Applicant is of good moral character
  2. Applicant is a resident of the City of Pasadena or applicant has their principal place of employment or business in the city and spends a sustainable amount of time in that place of employment or business 
  3. The Applicant has completed a course of training as described in 26165 of the statute.

The DOJ has identified categories that are automatic disqualifiers for applicants in the CCW process. Please, view the full list of Firearms Prohibiting Categories or see the attachment in the "Related Documents and Files" box.

The CCW application can be downloaded on this page but must be submitted in person to our Records Section. The CCW application process consists of a review of the application along with a thorough background and criminal history check by one of our CCW Investigators.

When applying, please ensure you provide all necessary supporting documents. Whether you are a new or renewal applicant, you must submit all of the documentation required even if you have provided similar documents  on a previous application. Lack of sufficient documentation is the most common reason for a delay or denial in the processing of a CCW application.

Prior to the submission of the application, the applicant must complete a gun safety course at any of the designated training sites and must provide proof of completion when submitting their application. Applicants must be prepared to be fingerprinted and "LiveScanned" upon submission of their application. Applicants will be contacted by one of our CCW Investigators in the order in which the application has been received. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at . Once the application is submitted and all required documents have been turned in, the background process is expected to take between 60-90 days to be completed. Applicants will be notified before the 90 days if their application was approved or denied.

To schedule an appointment to review and submit the filled-out application and supporting documents, please click on the Schedule CCW Permit Appointment button on this page.


The applicant will be required to submit the items/documents below along with their DOJ CCW application, at the Pasadena Police Department Records Section.

  • Valid California Driver’s License or ID Card if you do not possess a CA Driver's License
  • Proof of Pasadena Residency - At least two of the following documents showing your current address in the City of Pasadena (Utility bill, lease/rental agreement, telephone bill, tax bill, etc.)
  • DD-214/Orders(Military only)
  • Certificate of Naturalization, Green Card, and/or Passport (If you were born outside the United
  • CCW Permit (Renewals only)
  • Additional documents may be requested at the discretion of the application processor.
  • Three letters of reference attesting to their knowledge of the applicant’s moral character. One of the three letters can be from a family member, and the remaining two letters must be from non-family members.


  • New applicants must completed a 16-hour course.
  • Renewal applicants must complete an 8-hour course.
  • All listed firearms must be inspected to ensure it is in a safe, legal, and operable condition.
  • Applicant must complete a live fire course for every firearm listed on the permit.
  • Training/inspection(s) must be completed at an approved training provider.
  • A list of Training Providers and a Shooting Proficiency Standards Form can be downloaded from the Related Files and Documents tab on this page.
  • CCW application will not be accepted until the training is complete.


  • Listed handguns must be concealable on one’s person or reasonably sized bag/purse.
  • Listed handguns must be registered in the State of California to the applicant
  • New applicants must complete LiveScan fingerprinting/background check at the Pasadena Police Department (renewal applicants may require a live scan).

All firearms submitted for listing on a CCW license are subject to approval by the CCW Licensing Unit.


In order to process the recent surge in new CCW applications, we will only consider amendments during the license term for the following reasons:

  1. Change of address or legal name change
  2. Lost or stolen license with completion of a lost license form (download below under Related Files)
  3. In the event a firearm malfunctions and is replaced by the manufacturer
  4. In the event of a damaged/lost/stolen firearm, a different firearm may be added if that firearm is the only firearm listed on their license. The licensee will need to contact Pasadena Police for approval at

All other amendments will be processed at the time of application renewal. This is a temporary measure that will allow staff the opportunity to process the large volume of new applications in a
timely manner.

Modifications are allowed for approved CCW-listed handguns so long as the gun and all parts/modifications are legal in the State of California. All firearms/modifications must be inspected at the time of training to ensure the weapon is in safe working order.

  • If a modification(s) is done after the issuance of the license, you must complete the training/inspection as if it were a newly listed weapon. The training certificate will be added to
    your file.
  • The responsibility for the legality of firearm and its parts/accessories lies solely with the owner/applicant.
  • Any violations or failure to adhere to state laws/regulations will result in immediate suspension and/or revocation of license.


The CCW license does not define magazine capacity, just the firearm model, serial number, and caliber. If the magazine and firearm are legal to possess in the State of California, and the firearm is approved to be listed on the license, a CCW permit holder may carry.

  • California firearms laws/regulations are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the owner/applicant to ensure the firearm and magazine are in compliance with California law at the time of carry.
  • Any violations or failure to adhere to state laws/regulations will result in immediate suspension and/or revocation of license.

The Pasadena Police Department does not provide legal advice on firearms or related equipment

For further information, refer to the Department of Justice or consult with an attorney.

CCW Licensing Unit Contact

Pasadena Police Department
CCW Licensing Unit
207 N. Garfield Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 744-4505


Wednesday and Fridays
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(with the exception of City Holidays)

Schedule CCW Permit Appointment

To apply for, renew or amend the CCW Permit

Fee Schedule

DOJ Application Fee $93
DOJ Renewal Fee $52
PPD Processing Fee $337.14
Amendment Fee $10

* A portion (20%) of the Pasadena PD Processing Fee and all relevant DOJ fees are due at the time of applying. All remaining fees must be paid before the issuance of the CCW permit.
** A Psychiatric Evaluation Exam Fee of $150 will be paid by applicants that require the exam.