Critical Incident OIS 20008867 Finalized Use of Force Review

The Pasadena Police Department has concluded its internal review of an officer-involved shooting on August 15, 2020, that resulted in the death of Anthony McClain.   The Department determined that the involved officer’s use of force was in compliance with Department policy.

The Department’s Use of Force Review Board conducted a comprehensive review and made recommended findings in accordance with Department Policy No. 302 of the Department’s Policies and Procedures Manual, which is available online.  Interim Chief of Police Jason Clawson, who presided over the Use of Force Review Board, adopted the Board’s recommendations. A copy of the Board’s report and the materials that the Board considered, including the District Attorney’s report, is available in the folder below. The District Attorney’s review is one of two outside reviews of the incident.  The City also retained the OIR Group to conduct an independent review into the incident.  The OIR Group’s report is anticipated in the coming months, and when finalized, it will be made public.

“The Pasadena Police Department takes all uses of force seriously, especially those which result in the loss of a person’s life,” said Clawson.  “I am committed to holding myself and the other members of the Department accountable for our actions, individually and collectively, and I am confident that we took a critical and comprehensive look at what happened.  I encourage the public to review the complete investigation.  Ultimately, this incident resulted in the loss of Mr. McClain’s life, and it was tragic for all those involved and for the community.”

Under the City of Pasadena policy, the Chief of Police is solely responsible for determining whether a use of force complies with Department policy.  Neither the City Manager nor the City Council have a role in reviewing a use of force incident under City policy.  Since the Chief found the officer’s use of force in compliance with Department policy, the Chief’s determination is final, and the City Manager cannot review the force or impose discipline as a result of the force.  Additionally, the City Council is not involved in the disciplinary process, due to the Council-Manager form of government established by Pasadena voters through the City Charter.

Disciplinary proceedings are still pending in connection with this August 15, 2020, incident as a result of the officer’s failure to activate a body worn camera in a timely manner and are proceeding as a separate matter.  The Chief of Police is also solely responsible for imposing discipline for any policy violations that may have occurred during an incident. An officer is provided an opportunity to respond to the Chief before any proposed discipline becomes effective.  Once discipline is imposed, an officer can appeal it. If appealed, the City Manager is responsible for making the final decision on an officer’s appeal from the discipline.  In order to remain impartial, the City Manager is not involved in reviewing or commenting on the merits of any discipline before there is a final decision.

Any inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police at 626-744-4545.

Use of Force Review

Media Files Shared (Google Drive)
If you are logged into any Google Services such as Gmail, double-click to move through folders. Some videos or audios require to be first downloaded to be played.  It should be noted that during the video marked “Woolford,” a female witness stated that she saw a gun being thrown over her car. She immediately recanted her statement

Internal Affairs Investigation #2022-019 - Notice of Discipline

Critical Incident Video

MAV-Clip DashCam
The remaining videos are the raw video used to produce the above “Critical Incident Video.”  With the exception of redactions allowed by law to avoid endangering any person, the raw video has not been edited in any form.  Due to the size of the MAV-Clip DashCam video file, it could not be posted in its entirety but is available upon request.

Officer #1 BWC

Officer #2 BWC

Officer #3 BWC

Building Surveillance Video