Volunteer Services Program


Officer Charles Reep
(626) 744-7652

The Pasadena Police Department Volunteer Services Section is comprised of dedicated, citizen volunteers who support and further the mission of the Pasadena Police Department by nurturing, enhancing and sustaining the community bridge between the Department and the citizens it serves. Volunteer Services will remain a dynamic organization, continually seeking new opportunities to serve the Department and the community.

General Volunteers

The General Volunteers, better known as GVIPS (General Volunteers in Police Services), assist the Department in a variety of activities that take place in the Police Department or at special events at various locations in the City of Pasadena. The GVIPS assist with the Safe Shopping Detail over the Christmas holiday, Open House, the Father’s Day Car Show, National Night Out, Community Police Academy (CPA) classes, Police Awards Luncheon, and Helicopter Fly In, just to name a few.

Equestrian Unit

The Equestrian Unit was formally established in 1985 after serving as an informal unit providing security for selected venues at the 1984 Olympics. The unit provides uniformed patrol and surveillance in the Arroyo Seco recreation area and foothills of Pasadena, providing high police visibility in an area largely secluded from public view. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for additional information regarding the equipment necessary to be a part of this unit.

Citizens Assisting Pasadena Police

In 1996, the Citizens Assisting Pasadena Police (CAPP) Program, originally Citizens on Patrol (COP), started when some volunteers sought roles that are more active. This program puts volunteers to good use, serving as “extra eyes” for the department by patrolling the streets of Pasadena daily.

The CAPP volunteers are required to attend an 8 to 10 week training class on radio procedures, driver training, report writing, penal codes, CVC codes, Traffic control and other topics associated with their job duties. Once they complete and pass the training program, they become qualified to drive a city volunteer unit. CAPP volunteers must complete a minimum of eight volunteer hours per month.

Volunteer Chaplain Program

The Volunteer Chaplain Program, comprised of ordained clergy from established and recognized faiths within the community, has been in existence since 1992, providing a source of spiritual and emotional support, guidance, and crisis intervention for police personnel, family members, and residents.

Missing Persons Unit

The Missing Persons Unit assists the Department by conducting missing person investigations with Detectives personnel. They work closely with investigators, contacting family members and acquaintances of the missing person, collecting evidence that may lead to finding them.

C.R.E.D.I.T. Unit

The Volunteer C.R.E.D.I.T. Unit (Community Response to Eradicate and Deter Theft) assists victims of Identity theft by conducting investigations on fraud cases. The volunteers assist by sending letters to various financial entities, contacting outside jurisdictions, and collecting evidence for detectives.

If you are interested in becoming a Pasadena Police Volunteer, you must first complete the 8-session Community Police Academy, fill out an application and pass a background check.

For more information, please contact Officer Charles Reep, Volunteer Coordinator at (626) 744-7652 or via email at CGreep@cityofpasadena.net.

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