Crimes Against Persons

Case Status

To find out about the status of your case, please call the Pasadena Police Detective Section at:

(626) 744-4522

To help expedite your request, please have your case number and relevant information ready.

For Subpoena Control call
(626) 744-3854

The Crimes Against Persons Section is comprised of multiple units; Homicide-Assault, Robbery, Extortion, and Special Victims Unit (SVU). SVU personnel investigate crimes of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, 290 Sex Registrant Tracking, and Sexual Assaults of minors and adults. Missing Person cases are also investigated by SVU.

The department’s detective bureau includes the following units:

Robbery – Homicide Unit:

  • Comprised of 1 Sergeant and 9 Investigators
  • Investigates major crimes against persons including robbery, kidnapping, extortion, homicide, suspicious deaths, cold cases, and aggravated assaults

Special Victims Unit:

  • Comprised of 1 Sergeant and 6 Investigators
  • Investigates crimes of Domestic Violence, sexual assault, 290 sex registrant tracking, child Abuse, and elder abuse.