Veritas Assurance Group Executive Audit Report

In February of 2013, Chief Sanchez directed an independent audit of our investigative practices in an effort to better understand organizational challenges and improve investigative services.  To achieve this goal, the Veritas Assurance Group was chosen for the project and were highly recommended by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).  The effort assisted the Pasadena Police Department in identifying risk management issues, improving antiquated practices, while enhancing technologies. The Executive Summary for the report can be read here: Performance Audit... continue reading »"Veritas Assurance Group Executive Audit Report"

Administrative Reviews Concluded on Pasadena Officers

In 2012, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez contracted with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to conduct independent investigations into eight personnel complaints filed with the Pasadena Police Department (PPD).  These complaints were primarily brought forth by a sole source between April and October of 2012.  An additional three complaints were received in late 2012-2013 and remained with the PPD for investigation.  The combined complaints were primarily centered on three officers and were generated during court proceedings related... continue reading »"Administrative Reviews Concluded on Pasadena Officers"