Madison Mansion


The artist team of Linda Pollack, Claudia Reisenberger and Christina Ulke collaborated to capture Pasadena's historic mansions within the interior of a local parking garage through their art project, Madison Mansion. The artists worked with two structural elements to recreate the public space under the mansion ideal. Using decorative motifs like those found in old Pasadena mansions, the artists adorned the walls of the seven levels of the garage ramps. Playing with modern materials, the team placed multi-colored reflectors in intricate patterns upon the walls that become intensified from the headlights of cars passing through the garage. The second element of Madison Mansion appears in one location, instead of multiple levels like the wall designs. While waiting in the main elevator lobby on ground floor, the viewer can watch a video installation that mimics a surveillance monitor. The monitor depicts images of the parking structure with scenes interspersed from "When Kings Were the Law," the 1912 Griffith film depicting a costume party shot in the Fenyes mansion, as well as filmed sequences of interior and exterior spaces of Pasadena mansions. These creative elements offer an experience beyond the parking garage's utilitarian function, while offering visitors a glance at Pasadena's architectural history.

Mixed Media
Linda Pollack
varies according to parking garage level


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