Roadside Attraction


Roadside Attraction is a temporary outdoor gallery on a vacant City-owned lot in NW Pasadena that was organized by the Armory Center for the Arts. The installation will be sited at 733 North Fair Oaks Boulevard. Located on a traffic-heavy, vehicular corridor, Roadside Attraction would consist of a set of three vinyl 5' x 12' panels mounted on a wooden support structure with concrete and metal footings, in the configuration of the letter "z." Each screen consists of a vinyl reproduction of a photograph or painting adhered to the framework with grommets, containing image only. The structure will feature three rotating exhibitions, each composed of three distinct artworks and would be installed for approximately 10 - 14 week durations. Because of its shape, size, and placement (set back ten feet from the sidewalk), Roadside Attraction will be visible to commuters and pedestrians moving north and south along North Fair Oaks. The images of each installation will be selected by the Armory's curatorial staff. Artwork selections will be made based on their visual and conceptual cohesiveness and their thematic connection with concurrent exhibitions in Armory's Caldwell Gallery. The intention of the artwork is to build a relationship between the passers-by and the installation, triggering viewers to find personal resonance with the images. The first installation contains artwork from Whitney Bedford, Katie Shapiro and Emilie Halpern.

Various Artists
5' x 12'


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