Untitled III - Stacked Element, Sphere and Icosahedron


3 components to this sculpture (1) Stacked Element: An abstract form composed of layers of plate aluminum rings rises above the two other elements of this installation. The rotund shape and soaring height of the silver-hued sculpture make it the dominant piece within the courtyard. With its uneven surface, Stacked Element offers a tactile experience for curious pedestrians seeking to interact with the sculptures. (2) Sphere: Deep blue sphere sculpture; the second element within his Untitled Three project. Star patterns adorn the smooth steel surface of the Sphere sculpture, representing the southern California night skies. This element of the installation captures the artist's goal of representing abstractions of the world and space through a variety of symbols. While the dark blue hue of the orb reflects the darkness of the night sky, its shape references local explorations of space at Caltech. (3) Icosahedron: One of three sculptures that appear within the outside courtyard of the Condominium Project. The first of these three sculptures, Icosahedron, a geometric bronze cast object with a jewel-like quality glows from its green patina. The artist chose bronze with the anticipation that the surface of the crystal-like form would transform to become more jewel-like from natural exposure and the burnishing effect of people rubbing the bronze surface.

Mixed Media
Mark Lere
101"x 40.5"x 40.5"; 40"x 40"x 40";45" x 52" x 52"


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