Congratulations to all the winners of the #VaccinatePasadena Video Contest

Art Winners

1st Grade

Winner – Alannah Leo Luhur from Chandler School

2nd Grade

1st Place – Frida Luquin from Hamilton Elementary
2nd Place – David Burgos from Jackson Elementary
3rd Place – Emilia Luquin from Hamilton Elementary

3rd Grade

1st Place – Jasmine Ung from Eugene Field Elementary
2nd Place – Victoria Castaneda from Willard Elementary
3rd Place – Audrey Lei from K.L. Carver Elementary

4th Grade

1st Place – Cesar Luquin, Jr. from Hamilton Elementary
2nd Place – Skylin Jensen from Odyssey South Charter
3rd Place – Brendan Burgos from Jackson Elementary

5th Grade

1st Place– Anu Edwards from CIS Academy
2nd Place – Nathan Leo Luhur from Eugene Field Elementary
3rd Place – Amelia Chen from Westridge School
Honorable Mention – Rhys Lee from Eugene Field Elementary
Honorable Mention – Leonard Lauk from Hamilton Elementary
Honorable Mention – James Jauregui from Willard Elementary

Video Winners

1st Grade

1st Place – Jonathan Membreno from Washington Accelerated Elementary School

2nd Place - Nellie Huling, Kian Cho, Jade Brigman & Gianna Hernandez from Sierra Madre Elementary School

3rd Place – Ava Green from Sierra Madres Elementary School

Honorable Mention - Avery Shih from Polytechnic School

2nd Grade

Winner – Max Behesti from Polytechnic School

4th Grade

Winner – Bobbie Gonzalez from Center for Independent Studies Academy (CIS Academy)

5th Grade

1st Place – Luke Lowe from Hamilton Elementary

2nd Place – Rae Rannells from San Rafael Elementary

3rd Place – James Jauregui from Willard Elementary

6th Grade

Winners - Andrea Jimenez & Sofia Miranda from Blair Middle School

7th Grade

1st Place – Miles Piro from High Point Academy

2nd Place - Nico Moon Gurewitz from Sequoyah School

8th Grade

Winner - Sebastian Tejada from Blair Middle School

High School

Winners - Maci Kostanyan, Thalia Garabedian, Hannah Sakai, Daniel Ramos & Jose Anton from Marshall Fundamental


Winners – Tim Xu, Chhim Kruoch, Ieng Kruoch from Pasadena City College