• Community Health Assessment

    (626) 744-6177
    More Information The Epidemiology Program collects data and calculates health statistics for the community. Requests for data, reports and presentations may be available.

    1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena CA 91103 Map & Directions »

  • Environmental Health Services

    (626) 744-6004
    More Information Environmental Health Inspectors permit all food facilities, boarding facilities, public pools, body art facilities, and tobacco retailers in the City of Pasadena. Inspectors also investigate complaints related to vermin, mosquito harborage, tobacco use, general sanitation, and lead.

    1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave Suite 1200 Pasadena CA 91103 Map & Directions »

  • Health Insurance Enrollment

    (626) 744-6086
    More Information Certified enrollment counselors provide one-on-one assistance to individuals who are interested in Medi-Cal health insurance eligibility or enrollment.

    1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103 Map & Directions »

  • HIV/STD Education and Prevention

    (626) 744-6339
    More Information Education and prevention services  include in-house and mobile HIV counseling and testing services, health education risk reduction, an STD community intervention program (SCIP) in order to decrease the social stigma of those affected by HIV and STDs by empowering individuals to protect themselves and the community through knowledge, understanding, and risk-reduction.

    1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena CA 91103 Map & Directions »

  • Immunization Services

    (626) 744-6121
    More Information Routine vaccinations, recommended vaccinations for international travel, and immunization record replacement for children, teens, and adults are offered. Call in advance for vaccine availability and clinic hours.

    1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena CA 91103 Map & Directions »

    Hours: Mon and Wed by appointment only.
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