Environmental Health Services

PPHD will be CLOSED on Monday, Feb.12 and Monday, Feb.19 in observance of Lincoln’s and Washington’s Birthdays. PPHD will resume operation on Tuesday, Feb. 13 and Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Environmental Health Division

Pasadena Environmental Health is an enforcement agency operating as part of the Pasadena Public Health Department. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment in the City of Pasadena and our work is accomplished by performing routine inspections of permitted facilities and investigating complaints. Our technically trained staff is commonly known as “Health Inspectors” but their official title is “Environmental Health Specialist”.

Tobacco Control

The City of Pasadena Public Health Department’s Tobacco Control Program’s mission is to protect and preserve the health and well-being of the Pasadena Community from the harmful effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke, especially among youth. The program works through prevention education and encouragement of public policy.

Lead Poisoning Prevention & Control

The Pasadena Public Health Department’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (CLPP) Program seeks to protect children from lead exposure.

Urban Wildlife Management

The Urban Wildlife Management Plan provides guidance to City of Pasadena staff when dealing with wildlife in Pasadena. The City strategy for managing wildlife is based on balancing respect and protection for wildlife and their habitats without compromising public safety. The plan presents a three-pronged approach consisting of education, enforcement of laws and regulations, and protection of the public through implementation of tiered responses to wildlife and human interactions.

Mosquito and Vector Control

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District is a public health agency that is committed to providing ongoing vector control for residents of cities that are members of the District.

Animal Care & Control

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is a donor-supported, nonprofit organization that provides animal care and services for homeless and owned animals in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The organization is dedicated to promoting humane treatment and compassion and care for all animals.