Family Support Services

HIPPY families can take part in Family Support Services (FSS) sessions with a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). FSS aims to help HIPPY families’ health and well-being. Sessions include getting consent, filling out a Family Health Questionnaire, and follow-up meetings for resources and referrals. HIPPY families can meet with the LCSW about every two weeks if they need to.

HIPPY families do not have to take part in FSS. They can keep doing HIPPY lessons and meet with their Parent Specialist. HIPPY families will soon be able to take part in a screening to help find out any needs or referrals.

FSS sessions start after a HIPPY family has had a few visits with their Parent Specialist. The LCSW will work with the Parent Specialist to reach out to the HIPPY parent and offer FSS sessions. If a parent or guardian wants to take part in FSS sessions before talking to the LCSW, the parent or guardian can talk to their Parent Specialist. The LCSW will contact the parent as soon as they can.

What topics may be covered during FSS meetings for HIPPY families? Examples include:

  • Supporting children in naming and labeling emotions
  • Helping children to manage their feelings using relaxation skills to stay calm, self-soothe
  • Positive parenting strategies and appropriate discipline
  • Role modeling for children effective communication skills and using “I statements”
  • Resources for mental health, anger management for children, coping with anxiety, self-care for parents, healthy eating and nutrition, toilet training, housing, etc.
  • Referral information for local mental health agencies for children, youth, and families to receive therapy

Please note: Family support services sessions are not meant to be used in crisis situations or in place of therapy for a child or adult. Please call 911 in case of emergency. Please contact local mental health agencies to enroll in services and receive therapy or counseling.