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Resources for Healthcare Providers

Resources for Oral Healthcare Providers

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has updated the Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response with guidance for resuming non-emergency dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic. These updates include expanded recommendations for provision of dental care to both patients with COVID-19 and patients without COVID-19, as well as new information regarding patient management; administrative, engineering, and work practice controls; sterilization and disinfection; and considerations for the use of test-based strategies to inform patient care. Dental health care personnel should apply the updated interim guidance as well as the guidance found in the Framework for Healthcare Systems Providing Non-COVID-19 Clinical Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic as they make determinations how and when to resume non-emergency dental care.

California Medical Association has released Guidelines and Recommendations for Reopening the Health Care System proposing several steps that will be instrumental to ensuring the ongoing safety of patients and the health care workforce.

For additional information and resources on COVID-19 in Pasadena, please visit http://www.cityofpasadena.net/covid-19/.

July 8, 2020, the California Department of Public Health Office of Oral Health released an Interim Protocol for Preventative Dental Care during COVID-19 in Public Health Settings: Reducing Aerosols and Educating Patients.
The interim protocol provides guidance for Dental Health Care Professional (DHCP) working in public health settings.



Pasadena Local Oral Health Program
1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: (626) 744-6073

Mission / Vision

The Pasadena Local Oral Health Program (LOHP) aims to improve oral health outcomes for children and families in Pasadena through education, linkage and connection to care, and community partnership to increase access to preventative oral health services. Through our work, we strive to ensure that all children and families in Pasadena are free from oral diseases, adopt preventative care practices, and understand the connection between oral health and overall health


Oral health is essential to overall health. It affects almost every aspect of our lives, from how we look to what we eat to where we work. Although safe and effective methods exist to improve oral health and prevent disease, many Americans still suffer from poor oral health. Children are particularly affected, with more children suffering from dental caries than any other chronic childhood disease, even asthma.*

The Pasadena Local Oral Health Program was established in 2018 through funding from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). CDPH allocated funds to all local health jurisdictions to implement oral health programs using funds from the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 (Proposition 56).

The CDPH Office of Oral Health established the 2018-2028 California Oral Health Plan to guide oral health improvement efforts across the state. The Pasadena Local Oral Health Program strives to implement local activities supporting the California Oral Health Plan, with a focus on improving oral health within our unique community.

Together with community partners, the Pasadena Local Oral Health Program focuses on the following activities to improve oral health in Pasadena:

  • Education for parents and children on topics including sealants, fluoride, and oral hygiene
  • Trainings for dental providers on tobacco cessation and the Rethink Your Drink campaign
  • Facilitation of preventive services
  • Linkage to dental treatment
  • Promotion of community water fluoridation
  • Surveillance and tracking of oral health outcomes
  • Encouraging collaboration across community programs

*Source: Oral Health in America: A report of the Surgeon General: https://www.nidcr.nih.gov/research/data-statistics/surgeon-general


Dental caries is the most common chronic childhood disease, affecting 5 times as many children as asthma. Poor oral health can affect all aspects of a child’s life, from what they eat to how they look to how they communicate with peers. It can also lead to school absenteeism, difficulty learning, and diminished self-esteem. These all have a significant effect on a child’s overall health and wellbeing.

The Pasadena Local Oral Health Program conducted an Oral Health Needs Assessment to understand the state of oral health in Pasadena and establish baseline measures to evaluate progress over time. Community partners and stakeholders played a key role in the development of this needs assessment through contributing program data, participating in Key Informant Interviews, and providing feedback on preliminary results. The findings informed the selection of community priorities for improving oral health in Pasadena. Greater Pasadena Oral Health Needs Assessment

The Pasadena Local Oral Health Program and community partners also developed the Greater Pasadena Oral Health Improvement Plan to outline priority goals and objectives for improving oral health in Pasadena. This document is intended to serve as a guide to facilitate collective impact efforts as partners across Pasadena work together to effect change on oral health outcomes.
Oral Health Improvement Plan

Community Water Fluoridation

Community water fluoridation (i.e. the inclusion of fluoride in a community’s drinking water supply) has been shown to be a safe and effective intervention to reduce cavities. It has been so successful in reducing the prevalence of tooth decay across the U.S. that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified it as one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century. In line with these findings and recommendations, Pasadena water is fluoridated.

Drinking Pasadena tap water is a safe and effective way to prevent cavities for the whole family! Read more below about the importance of water fluoridation and why Pasadena water is fluoridated:

Pasadena-specific information from the Pasadena Department of Water and Power:

Water Quality Reports: https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/water-and-power/waterqualityreports/

FAQs on Fluroidation: https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/water-and-power/waterqualityfaqs/#fluoridation


General information about the safety and efficacy of community water fluoridation:

American Academy of Pediatrics Campaign for Dental Health: https://ilikemyteeth.org/

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): https://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/index.html

The Community Preventive Services Task Force: https://www.thecommunityguide.org/findings/dental-caries-cavities-community-water-fluoridation


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