Pasadena Public Health Department Extends #VaccinatePasadena Video Contest Deadline

Pasadena Public Health Department has launched an innovative COVID-19 vaccine video contest to spotlight the benefits of choosing vaccination, to counter harmful myths, and to promote an open dialogue about COVID-19 and vaccines through the sharing of experiences on social media. The 2022 #VaccinatePasadena Video Contest invites students ages 4-24 (grades TK-college) to create and submit artwork or share a short video on TikTok or Instagram with a powerful and positive COVID-19 vaccine message. Students in different grade categories—elementary school,... continue reading »"Pasadena Public Health Department Extends #VaccinatePasadena Video Contest Deadline"


Pasadena COVID-19 Health Orders Rescission of COVID-19 Order Requiring Wearing of Face Masks by Personnel, Patients, Clients and Visitors in Health Care Settings Rev. 03/05/2024 Revised Order for Mandatory Annual Influenza and Updated COVID-19 Immunization Program for Health Care Personnel During the Respiratory Virus Season Rev. 03/05/2024 Rescission of COVID-19 Order Requiring Vaccination of Health Care Workers Rev. 11/22/2023 Rescission of Revised Order for the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission in Skilled Nursing Facilities for the City of Pasadena Rev. 03/31/2023... continue reading »"COVID-19"