Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding Support

WIC provides breastfeeding education during pregnancy and one-on-one breastfeeding help with a Lactation Educator or Lactation Consultant for WIC participants. Contact our main WIC location to schedule an appointment for your breastfeeding questions or concerns.

Peer Counseling

This program is offered to pregnant women enrolled in WIC who wish to have monthly breastfeeding information to help prepare expecting mothers for breastfeeding, infant behavior, and lactation support. Participants enrolled have access to a peer counselor at a WIC office, through text messages, e-mail, or by phone for any breastfeeding concerns. Peer counselors will connect the mom with other moms, resources, or refer to a Lactation Consultant if needed.

Breast Pumps

WIC breastfeeding participants are eligible to receive a manual pump or hospital-grade electric pump to help support breastfeeding and protect milk supply through critical periods and to help reach your breastfeeding goals. Electric pump availability is limited and based on priority. Text us at (888) 416-4926 or call (626) 744-6520 for more information about our pump loan program, personal pump program, or pump policy.