Online Education

WIC provides nutrition and breastfeeding education at the WIC offices. However, if you are eligible, you may choose to complete online education instead. Benefits of completing an online education allows the WIC client to choose lessons that are useful and relevant to their needs and can be done on your own time anywhere you have internet access. Online education should be completed before your next WIC appointment to save time and allow our staff to confirm lesson completion for you to receive your benefits. If you or your alternate are unable to make it to your WIC appointment, you may be able to request for your WIC vouchers to be mailed to you if you are eligible. Please contact the Pasadena WIC office at (626) 744-6520.

WIC Online Education Portal

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WIC Mobile Website

The WIC Mobile Website ( was developed to provide participants and the public with an easy way to access WIC information from your smartphones.  Features include WIC clinic search, days and hours of operation, WIC grocer search and appointment look-up

WIC Education Portal

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Lessons Available

To complete a lesson, please login.  Be sure to complete the entire lesson and view your certificate to make sure the lesson has been completed.  Please contact the Pasadena WIC office at 626-744-6520 if you have questions about which lesson to complete.

Lessons Available:


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