Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction and Demolition Waste Management

Why is there a recycling ordinance?

Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste represents a significant part of the solid waste stream, with current estimates at 20-30 percent of the total tonnage. Much of this material can be reused or recycled, conserving natural resources and saving valuable landfill space.

In response to State-mandated waste reduction goals, and as part of the City’s continued efforts to reduce landfilled tonnage, the City adopted the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Ordinance (Chapter 8.62 of PMC). The ordinance requires that certain demolition and/or construction projects divert at least 75 percent of waste through either recycling, salvage or deconstruction.

What is classified as C&D material?

C&D debris is classified as any material that is generated from a construction and/or demolition project. This includes, but is not limited to concrete, wood, metal, etc.

What if I have Universal Waste?

Universal waste must be properly managed for all commercial construction projects and tenant improvements over 1,000 square feet per CALGreen Section 301.3. Universal waste includes items such as mercury thermostats, batteries, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes and ballasts. Proper disposal of universal waste must be documented and submitted to the City through the Green Halo. Please retain all recycling receipts.

What types of projects require C&D approval?

  • All new structures;
  • Non-residential additions of either (a) gross floor area of 1,000 square feet or more, or (b) tenant improvements of $200,000 or more;
  • All residential additions;
  • All residential alterations and remodels with no increase in the building's conditioned area, volume, or size, where the value of the permitted work is $20,000 or more;
  • All demolitions; and
  • All city public works projects, as defined by California Labor Code Section 1720, which are awarded pursuant to the competitive bidding procedure established by Chapter 4.08 of this code.

When a demolition or construction permit is requested and the project falls under the “Covered Project” criteria, the applicant will then move to Green Halo and continue the C&D Waste Management Application process.

C&D Brochure

Green Halo

What is the purpose of the C&D Waste Management through Pasadena Waste Tracking System with Green Halo?

C&D Management through the Green Halo helps you plan the recycling activities of your construction. It includes a list of authorized haulers, recycling facilities*, donation facilities, and a table to calculate weights.

Green Halo allows contractors, recyclers, and other entities to comply with local, state and federal recycling guidelines with incredible accuracy and efficiency. Green Halo also enables contractors, recyclers, cities and county authorities to interact and communicate seamlessly throughout the progression of a construction project. User-friendly and intuitive, the system provides valuable tools for maintaining a sustainable construction waste management plan while yielding real time, and historical data, charts, graphs and reports.

Click here for an illustrated user guide to the Green Halo system.

*Disclaimer: The City of Pasadena is providing this list as a service to its residents and not as an endorsement nor a recommendation of any product, service, merchant, supplier or business. Residents may use the list as an initial contact if they wish, as they would use the names in a telephone directory, but residents must then make their own investigation on the suitability of any product for its intended use as well as the determination of whether to do business with any specific merchant or supplier. Neither the City of Pasadena nor any of its employees makes any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular pose in providing this listing service.

Steps to Compliance

Note: After filing a permit with city staff, you will receive an email from Green Halo prompting you to create an account.

  1. After receiving a Registration Confirmation email from Green Halo, activate and fill out the Project Information section in the Green Halo system.
  2. Provide the estimated quantities of materials that will be recycled, reused, and/or disposed.
  3. Select your Hauling Method of how you will be removing debris.
  4. Identify and select one or more facilities that you intend to use from the Authorized Facilities List.
  5. Select "Submit the Project for Approval" in Green Halo. This approval is required prior to permit issuance.
  6. During project duration, continue to upload weight tickets directly into the Green Halo Systems. Click here for an illustrated guide to submitting your tickets in Green Halo.
  7. At the end of the project when you have uploaded all tickets, select "Submit For Final" in Green Halo, for review and approval of the Compliance Report. This approval is required before the final building inspection and Certificate of Occupancy.
  8. Upon approval of Compliance Report, compliant projects are eligible for full refund of C&D Deposits. Compliant projects require the applicants to submit a Request for Refund Form online at in order to initiate the process; deposits will be forfeited if the City does not receive a Request for Refund Form from the applicant. Non-compliant projects will have 14 days to submit additional documents to for review or risk forfeiture of C&D Deposits.

C&D Deposit

How does the city calculate the refundable C&D deposit for my project?

The C&D deposit is calculated as follows:

  • The greater of $1,000 or 3% of the valuation of the project, not to exceed $30,000 for building permits.
  • The greater of $1,000 or $1 per square foot, not exceed $30,000 for demolition permits.

Additionally there is non-refundable Administrative Review Fee for each project; this fee amount is based on the current City's General Fee Schedule.

How do I get my deposit back?

The C&D Deposit is refunded once a C&D Waste Management Compliance Report, confirming that at least 75% of the debris generated was recycled or reused, is received and approved by staff. You need to complete and submit all final recycling tickets onto the Green Halo. Compliant projects require the applicants to submit a Request for Refund Form online at in order to initiate the process; deposits will be forfeited if the City does not receive a Request for Refund Form from the applicant.

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