Cordova Street Complete Streets Project

Cordova Street Complete Streets Project

On August 8, 2022, the City of Pasadena awarded the Cordova Street Complete Streets Project to California Professional Engineering, Inc., and the construction is scheduled to commence on March 13 thru early December 2023.  Pavement striping will begin on 10/25/2023 and last up to 4 weeks.


The Cordova Street Complete Streets project will serve the purpose of enhancing the roadway network that connects major institutions, businesses, employment centers and shopping areas in Pasadena for all modes of travel (pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles).  Cordova Street is a two-way undivided roadway with up to four travel lanes in both directions.  This project will install a 1.5-mile Class II bike lane from Hill Avenue to Arroyo Parkway.  Additional work on this project will include complete street elements such as installation of pedestrian curb extensions at eight locations; replacement of over 50 non-compliant curb ramps; landscape beautification in parkway areas; sidewalk, driveway, and curb and gutter replacement; reconstruction of parkway culverts; pavement resurfacing; and enhanced striping and signing at crosswalks and travel lanes to allow for safer interaction with all modes of transportation.  Upgrades and improvements at nine signalized intersections in the area will further enhance safe travel.  This will include the installation of five new traffic signals; traffic signal equipment; conduit, controller and cabinet upgrades; fiber optic communication; and video detection system upgrades that provide for a new bicycle detection feature.

This project is consistent with the City Council’s goals to improve, maintain and enhance public facilities and infrastructure, and improve mobility and accessibility throughout the City.

Environmental Analysis:
On August 8, 2022, City Council found the project to be exempt Find the project proposed herein to be categorically exempt under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines in accordance with Title 14, Chapter 3, Article 19, Class 1, Section 15301, Existing Facilities, and that there are no features that distinguish this project from others in exempt class, and therefore, there are no unusual circumstances.  On December 3, 2020, Caltrans revalidated and determined that this project has no significant impacts on the environment as defined by National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), and that there are no unusual circumstances as described in 23 CFR 771.11(b). Caltrans determined the project to be a Categorical Exclusion under 23 CFR 771.117(c): activity(c)(3).

ATP Federal Funds:
This project is partially funded through Congested Mitigation Air Quality funds and Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (SB1).

Nzhde Matevosyan – Project Manager
Please contact the Public Works Engineering Division at (626) 744-3971, or visit for more information.