Washington Park Stormwater Capture Project

Washington Park is located at the southeast corner of Washington Boulevard and El Molina Avenue and features a playground, picnic areas, trails, outdoor fitness stations and sports areas, including basketball, softball, handball and tennis courts. Washington Park is located within the Rio Hondo watershed and has the potential to provide significant water quality benefits for Pasadena due to the substantial drainage area size of 527 acres, the location of an adjacent storm drain and available development space.

The recommended approach currently being evaluated for the Washington Park Stormwater Capture Project is to divert water from the eastside storm drain, filter the water through a pre-treatment unit, and run it to an underground system that will provide storage and groundwater recharge. Treated water returned to the eastside storm drain will provide for improved water quality to the Rubio Wash and ultimately the Rio Hondo Channel. A portion of the stored water may be used for on-site irrigation.

Additionally, the underground groundwater recharge system may provide water to a proposed bioretention/infiltration basin and adjacent garden to increase the on-site native vegetation. This could provide additional shade and create passive recreational opportunities for park visitors, including bird and butterfly observation.

Additional project benefits include:

  • Improvement of park amenities after construction of the underground groundwater recharge system;
  • Improvement of site stormwater management after installation of permeable pavement in the parking lot;
  • Addition of native trees, shrubs and grasses;
  • Diverse vegetation, habitat and educational opportunities; and
  • Potential for more park amenities

This project is in the pre-design phase, and a feasibility study will be conducted. The City is planning upcoming opportunities for community participation and feedback in the development of the Washington Park Stormwater Capture Project. Please see below for information regarding upcoming meetings.

The Project Feasibility Study is being funded by the Los Angeles County Safe, Clean Water Program’s Technical Resources Program (TRP). The TRP provides resources to community groups, municipalities, and individuals to aid in technical assistance to develop their project concepts.

Preliminary Concept

(The site configuration may be modified during final design)

Community Outreach and Upcoming Public Meetings

Meetings conducted during the pre-design phase will introduce the proposed project concept and its elements, and seek input from the community and other stakeholders in the development of the preliminary design.

During the initial design phase, additional community meetings will be conducted to share the project components, discuss the regulatory parameters, and solicit feedback regarding the proposed improvements. Input will be reviewed and considered during the design process.

Subsequent community meetings will be conducted to present how the community response was incorporated into the design approach, and to present the final version of the proposed project.

Check here for updates on the first community meeting anticipated to be held in Fall 2023.

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