December 2015 La Loma Bridge Project Update

December 2015

Construction of the temporary sewer bypass is currently underway. The contractor will mobilize equipment in preparation for demolition of the existing bridge in late December and continue through January 2016. Demolition of the existing bridge will begin January 4, 2016.

Project Progress Photos For December 2015

Placement of Aluminum Joist
A view of North side of bridge, looking West, depicting the placement of aluminum joist, from falsework bent, westward, over cantilever transverse beams.
Bridge Extension
A view of the Southern outer cantilever soffit platform, which started at falsework bent 44, looking West. A worker is beginning to install the protective handrail.
Progress Work on the Soffit
Progress work view of the construction of the southern outer cantilever portion of the falsework soffit. The handrail is already in place in parallel line to the bridge, looking West.