November 2015 La Loma Bridge Project Update

November 2015

A majority of the work continues below the bridge for the next couple of months. The contractor has been erecting vertical elements of the falsework. The trail on the east side of the channel under the bridge will be closed intermittently between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Friday, from mid-October 2015 (while constructing overhead elements) through December 2015 (during removal of existing bridge). Signs will be posted designating a detour trail route. Preparations to construct a temporary bridge to transport heavy equipment to the west side of the channel are also underway.

Project Progress Photos For November 2015

Installing falsework beam
Installing falsework beam on the south side of the bridge
Erecting top cap beam
Erecting top cab beam at falsework bent
Installation of logitudinal cable
Installing longitudinal cable bracing at top cap beams