Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling

Used motor oil and oil filters should be recycled properly by taking them to a Certified Collection Center or Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center, or by scheduling a curbside pick-up through the Pasadena City Service Center. Used motor oil should never be poured onto the ground or into storm drains, and it should not be placed into your trash can. Certified Collection Centers Certified Collection Centers accept used motor oil and used oil filters from the public. A list of... continue reading »"Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling"

The New Public Works Website

The Department of Information Technology has created a new mobile friendly version of the Public Works Website along with the rest of the City of Pasadena department websites¬†using WordPress.¬†The following department that have been converted so far include: City Attorney / City Prosecutor City Clerk City Manager Finance Fire Housing Human Resources Human Services & Recreation Information Technology Library Transportation The Mayor and Council Districts