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Pasadena City Parks

Pasadena has twenty-three parks totaling more than one thousand acres of parkland. While operationally distinct, maintenance efforts in the Arroyo Seco as well as those in all other city parks similarly strive to keep parks safe, functional, and attractive for residents and visitors.

Arroyo Seco

The Arroyo Seco refers to both the stream course and the canyon that spans eight miles through the western portion of the City of Pasadena. Surrounded by urban development, it supports thriving natural ecosystems that include several native plant communities and provides shelter, food and nesting sites for hundreds of wildlife species.

Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry program is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the City’s Urban forest, which consists of more than 60,000 trees. This program is responsible for administering proper tree care; planting new trees; removing dead and hazardous trees; conducting reforestation projects in parks, municipal grounds, open spaces, medians and streets; maintaining a street tree database with maintenance information about trees throughout the City.

Committees and Commissions

The purpose of the Recreation and Parks Commission is to advise the city council on all matters concerning parks and recreation.

Recreation and Parks Commission

The purpose of the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the city council relating to the city’s master street tree plan.

Urban Forestry Advisory Committee