Commercial Recycling

State law (AB341 and SB1383) requires commercial businesses (including multi-family properties with 5 or more units) to subscribe to both organics and recycling services.

In Pasadena, commercial businesses receive waste service from one of the City’s franchise haulers. Businesses can contact their current hauler to add organics and recycling services. Please review the list of franchise commercial haulers that offer organics recycling.

Businesses must sort their waste properly, and they must train their staff annually on proper sorting.

If the business sells/provides organic waste or recyclables, they must provide the appropriate bins in the front of house for customer sorting.

Under SB 1383, certain large commercial edible food generators are required to donate their excess edible food to food recovery agencies. These businesses will be notified by the City. Other food generating businesses are not excluded from donating, but it is not required. Please see our SB 1383 webpage for more information and resources.

Commercial businesses may qualify for a waiver for this requirement if the organic waste generated falls below certain thresholds:

  • less than 20 gallons of organic waste per week with a total waste collection service of 2 cubic yards or more
  • less than 10 gallons of organic waste per week with a total waste collection service of less than 2 cubic yards

In those situations, account holders or their designees may request more information about applying for a waiver by emailing

If you would like to submit an alleged violation of the State of California Senate Bill (SB) 1383 or Chapter 8.66 of the City of Pasadena Municipal Code, please click here to submit a report online through our City Service Center. (Type 1383 in the search box to easily find the topic)

Your report may be submitted anonymously. If you choose to include our name, it will not be shared with the alleged violator and City staff will be able to contact you if more information is needed.