Multi-Family and Apartment Recycling

Why Recycle

  • State law (AB341) now requires apartment communities/multi-family housing with 5 or more units to recycle.
  • Recycling may provide opportunities to save money.
  • Recycling helps conserve resources and extends the life of California’s landfills. It also helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations.
  • Many apartment residents are requesting recycling; providing recycling helps promote your community as environmentally friendly and may help fill vacancies.

Types of Material to Recycle

  • Clean, dry paper
  • Cardboard and chipboard
  • Plastic (1&2), glass bottles and jars
  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Metal containers and empty aerosol cans
  • Plastic bags and dry cleaner bags, bundled

How to Get Started

It’s easy to recycle at your apartment complex.

  • Make sure your residential community has arranged for recycling services; private haulers can provide separate recycling receptacles upon request for an additional fee .
  • Help residents learn which items can be recycled.
  • Have residents separate recyclable items from trash inside their apartments and place recyclable items in external recycling containers for pickup.
  • Make sure residents know where outside recycling containers are located. Educate new residents about the recycling program when they sign leases.
  • Any business or individual may donate, sell and/or otherwise arrange for the pickup of
    recyclable materials.
  • When space is limited for a separate recycling container, mixed waste may be sent to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for diversion of recyclables.

Where to Go for More Information

We Do Not Accept:

business waste • ammunition • explosives • radioactive material • biological waste or tires.

Bulky Items:

furniture • refrigerators • washing machines/dryers • conventional ovens • paper • computer software.

Transportation Limit for Chemical Related Items:

It is against the law to transport more than 15 gallons or 125 pounds of hazardous waste to collection sites. Please pack your waste properly to prevent tipping or spilling of the waste during transportation.

Residents are limited to a total of six pieces per visit to a S.A.F.E. center.

For Information, Please Call 1-800-98-TOXIC (1-800-988-6942)

Los Angeles-Glendale SAFE Collection Center

Los Angeles-Glendale Centro De Colleccion SAFE