Mulch Recycling

Mulch Giveaway Program Stop by Robinson or Victory Park to pick up FREE mulch for your landscape. Mulch is available for pickup from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. while supplies last. Please bring a shovel, containers, gloves and eye protection to collect the mulch. Robinson Park 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Victory Park 2575 Paloma St. This mulch comes from City trees that have been removed and recycled. Adding mulch to landscapes is an easy way to save water. Mulch... continue reading »"Mulch Recycling"

Ordering Compost Bins

What To Compost • Kitchen waste • Lawn clippings (use thin layers so they don’t mat down) • Chopped or broken leaves (large leaves take a long time to break down) • Shredded branches • Garden plants (disease-free plants) • Shredded paper • Weeds (before they go to seed) • Straw or hay • Newspaper • Wood ash (sprinkle lightly between layers) • Tea leaves and coffee grounds Do Not Compost • Meat scraps and fatty trash • Excessive wood... continue reading »"Ordering Compost Bins"