Community Compost Hubs

Organic materials--including waste that can be readily prevented, recycled, or composted--account for a significant portion of California's overall waste stream. Food waste alone accounts for approximately 17-18 percent of total landfill disposal.
By participating in Pasadena’s Community Compost Hubs, you can help reduce methane emissions from organic waste disposed of in California's landfills, minimize the resources required to transport materials to processing facilities, and improve our parks and green spaces with soil-enriching compost.
Get involved with your community and help fight climate change by volunteering at one of Pasadena’s Community Compost Hubs!

In order to participate at a Community Compost Hub, members are required to attend a training in person or watch our virtual training online. Once we establish a volunteer system, we ask that you volunteer at least one hour per year to continue your membership. There is no monetary cost for joining/participating.

Community Compost Hubs are currently being established at the following locations:

  • McDonald Park
  • Villa Parke
  • Allendale Park
  • Victory Park
  • La Pintoresca Park
  • Brookside Park
  • Singer Park
  • Memorial Park

Visit our calendar to view our upcoming events. If you prefer the pre-recorded video training, please see below.

Once you have attended or watched a training, use the form below to sign up. A welcome packet with instructions on how to access and use the compost hubs will be automatically sent to you.

Once you have completed viewing the training, sign up using the form below. We will send you a welcome packet, which includes the lock combination to access the Compost Hub, as well as step-by-step instructions for your reference.

After training, you can always reach out to us for questions or clarifications. Compost Hubs are available to you whenever the parks are open. We are currently developing a volunteer system and will reach out to you soon with more information.