Organics Recycling

Recycling Food Waste? Piece of Cake!

How Does This Work?
Bagging your food waste separately lets your yard waste bin hold two separate waste streams at the same time:

What Food Can Be Recycled?

If it once breathed or grew before you ate it, it can be recycled. That includes meat bones, candy canes, cake (okay, if you must), coffee grounds and all fruits and vegetables.

Click here for our Residential Organics Recycling Guide

Why Recycle Food Waste?

Once all the sides and the pies have left the table, those leftovers break down and if they end up in landfills, release methane gas into the atmosphere. A heat-trapping greenhouse gas, methane is 25 times worse than carbon dioxide! Instead, processing that waste into biogas recycles food into clean fuel. A gift from you to the world!

More Questions?

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Now, What do I do With My Tree?

We’ll pick up unadorned trees curbside on your trash day, beginning January 3, 2023. Or you can drop it off earlier at several locations in the City.  Review Christmas Tree Recycling options.