Ordering Compost Bins

What To Compost

• Kitchen waste
• Lawn clippings (use thin layers so they don’t mat down)
• Chopped or broken leaves (large leaves take a long time to break down)
• Shredded branches
• Garden plants (disease-free plants)
• Shredded paper
• Weeds (before they go to seed)
• Straw or hay
• Newspaper
• Wood ash (sprinkle lightly between layers)
• Tea leaves and coffee grounds

Do Not Compost

• Meat scraps and fatty trash
• Excessive wood ashes (counteracts with manures)
• Sawdust (generally slows the decomposition of the pile)

How To Order A Compost Bin

Cost: $56.00

  1. Pay $56 for the compost bin at Municipal Services Cashier window located at City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Avenue Room 106.
  2. Pick up bin by showing the receipt to the receptionist at Public Works office located upstairs (3rd floor) in room N306

For more on composting visit www.smartgardening.com