Household Hazardous Waste

Paints and solvents, household batteries*, fluorescent tubes/bulbs and light ballasts (no metal fixtures)*, cleaning products, used motor oil and filters, anti-freeze and other automotive fluids, car batteries, pool and garden chemicals, aerosol cans, home generated SHARPS* such as needles or lancets, unused medicine (except controlled substances), asbestos*, wood with creosote such as railroad ties*, and more.

The follow items are NOT accepted. Please call the 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 for assistance in disposing of these items.

  • Marine flares
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Mercury, metallic (see CESQG)
  • Metal light fixtures
  • Business/commercial wastes (see CESQG)
  • Ammunition, firecrackers and explosives
  • Radioactive materials and medical/biological wastes
  • Tires, and bulky items such as furniture and large appliances
  • Acetylene and oxygen tanks/cylinders

Computers, monitors, printers, network, equipment, cables, telephones, televisions, microwaves, video games, cell phones, radios, stereos, and VCRs.  Click here for information on upcoming EWaste events.

* batteries: please tape both terminals of the batteries with clear packing tape, electrical tape, or duct tape
* fluorescent light bulbs/tubes and ballasts are accepted but cannot be attached. No metal fixtures.
* SHARPS: place in the needles, lancets, etc. in the red containers, or clearly marked puncture-proof containers such as coffee cans or detergent bottles.
* asbestos (friable): must be abated by professionals, wetted, and double bagged in clearly-labeled plastic bags; must be less than 3 ft. in length
* wood (creosote): must be less than 3 ft. in length