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Flyer notifying organic recycling requirement effective Jan 1 2022

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Bulky item pick-up services are offered only to City of Pasadena Refuse customers.

Schedule Bulky Item Pick up

Items, such as furniture, mattresses, and appliances, contact the Citizen Service Center

Report Abandoned Item

The City participates in countywide Household Hazardous Waste Roundups.

Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Contact the Citizen Service Center
Submit a Request
or call (626) 744-7311

Schedule and Collection

The Operations Section is responsible for solid waste collection and disposal from all residential properties within the City and competes with private haulers for commercial collection services.  The duties within this section also include the following activities:

  • collection and disposal of refuse from municipal offices, libraries, parks and various business districts
  • collection of recyclable material from municipal offices
  • collection of commercial refuse and recyclables
  • collection of bulky items (by appointment only) for those households with residential refuse service provided by the City of Pasadena.
  • daily trash collection begins at 7:00 A.M.

Report A Missed Pick Up

Upcoming Public Works Events

Refuse Holiday Schedule

The City of Pasadena does not have Trash/Recycling Collection on the following 2023 holidays:

  • January 2—New Year’s
  • January 16—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • September 4—Labor Day
  • November 23—Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25—Christmas Day

Trash and Recycling collection will be one day after your normal pick up day. On all other holidays, trash will be collected on the regular schedule.

Important Refuse And Recycling Information

Refuse Schedule & Map

Bulky Item Procedure

Bulky item pick-up services are offered only to City of Pasadena Refuse customers. A customer may schedule two free bulky item pickups per year by calling 626-744-7311. Please note that bulky items are subject to scheduling availability.

  • Residents are advised to schedule the pick up at least two weeks in advance prior to their regular trash pickup day. Residents should not place any item the parkway prior to scheduling a pickup.
  • Bulky items are picked up from the parkway in the front of the house. This is the area between the sidewalk and the street. It is the resident’s responsibility to place the items on the parkway. City staff cannot go onto private property to move bulky items to the parkway.
  • Bulky items should be placed out on the parkway no more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup day, otherwise a citation may be issued by Code Enforcement.
  • Bulky items are picked up between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • All items should be placed out on the parkway by 7:00 a.m.
  • Bulky items are not scheduled on holidays even if the trash pickup is on regular schedule.
  • Residents can put out as many items that would fill a 3 cubic yard bin, which measures 4 feet wide, 5 feet long and 4 feet high.
  • When scheduling a bulky item pick up, residents are required to provide the list of the items to be placed out on the parkway. This allows staff to schedule the equipment and manpower needed to complete the pickup.
  • Items should be no bigger or heavier than what two (2) people can safely lift.

The items that we do not pick up include:

  • E-waste such as TV, DVD player, cellphone, gaming console, computers and monitors.
  • Construction and roofing material such as concrete, cement, bricks, roof shingles, tiles, dry wall.
  • Household hazardous materials such as paint, batteries, fertilizer, oil, cleaning supplies.
  • Materials from landscaping projects such as dirt, sand, gravel, large tree branches and stumps, bushes, and railroad ties.
  • Automobile parts except for the collection of up to two tires without the rim.
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioning Units

Items should be placed properly on the parkway.

  • Pieces of wood, pipe or branches must be no longer than 3 feet. They are to be tied into easy to handle bundles.
  • Glass and mirrors should be visible to the crew for proper handling.
  • If more items are placed on the parkway than what is listed on the service order, the resident may be charged from $49.39 to $103.72.

If residents already had their two pickups for the calendar year and they need additional pickup(s), the cost will be between $49.39 to $103.72, depending on the quantity and size of the items placed out on the parkway. The field supervisor will conduct a site visit in order to determine the cost of the pick-up.

Residents whose trash collection is provided by a private hauler, such as those residing in an apartment building will need to contact their hauler to schedule the bulky pickup.

Trash FAQ

What is Pay-As-You-Throw?

Pay-As-You-Throw is the trash collection system approved by Pasadena’s City Council in May 1999. The program is tailored to single family residences and multi-family units of four or less. With Pay-As-You-Throw, your cost for collection is based upon how much you recycle and how much your family throws away. The more you recycle, the less you pay. It is important to reduce, reuse and then recycle everything from your soda bottles and magazines to yard trimmings.

Why was this program chosen?

The program is environmentally friendly, and it helps the city meet the requirements set by AB939 which requires a 50% reduction of trash going to the landfill by the end of the year 2000. Pasadena needs your continued help to meet this goal, avoid potential $10,000/day fines, and extend the life of Scholl Canyon Landfill.

Is there a charge for making changes to my service?

Residential customers may downsize their mixed waste container size or reduce the number of mixed waste containers once per year at no charge. If you are upsizing your service or you have already made a service level change in the last year, there will be an $35.81 charge.

Why do I have three containers?

Customers have three containers for the following purposes:

  • Mixed waste (trash) with a GREEN lid
  • Recycling with a BLUE lid
  • Yard waste with a BLACK lid

What if I need another container?

A customer service representative will help you select the best size mixed waste container for your family. There are three different sizes of mixed waste containers (the green lid).

  • 32 gallons
  • 60 gallons
  • 100 gallons

Additional yard waste and recycling containers are available upon request.

What if I need an extra pick-up?

A bin can be rented for a one-time trash pick up, or you may consider changing your regular service level. The cost for a temporary bin is $92.95. Please call 744-7311 to schedule temporary bin service. Call at least one week in advance.

Will my recycling and yard waste containers be picked up on the same day as my regular trash?

Your collection day will not change. Your trash, recycling and yard waste containers will be picked up on the same day before 5 p.m. but not at the same time. Be sure to roll your containers back from the curb at the end of the day.

Why should I recycle?

Recycling helps the city meet the requirements set by California law (AB939) requiring a 50% reduction of trash going to the landfill by the end of the year 2000. Pasadena needs your continued help to meet this goal, avoid up to a $10,000/day fine and extend the life of Scholl Canyon Landfill.

  • Keeps your collection rates down
  • Reduces the need for new landfills
  • Saves energy
  • Supplies valuable materials to industry
  • Conserves resources for our children’s futures

What may I put in the blue-lid recycling container?

All of the following items are recyclable, aerosol cans (empty), cans (beverage and food cans), cardboard (flattened), glass containers, junk mail, cereal boxes, newspaper (flattened), paper (any color), plastic (labeled 1 and 2 on the bottom), telephone books and magazines.

Motor oil can be recycled but not in the recycling container.  The City will collect used oil at your curb!  Please call for an appointment and review the following requirements:

  1. Please call the Citizen Service Center at 626-744-7311 to schedule a container delivery and pick up day (we will deliver containers for you to use and pick up the container on your existing trash day)
  2. The City will pick up a maximum of two – 1 gallon containers per week (City provided containers are required)

What may I put in the yard waste recycling container?

Recycle yard waste including grass clippings, leaves, weeds and branches that are no longer than 4 feet and thinner than 3 inches in diameter and bagged food waste (including fruits, vegetable, meats and dairy). The container lid must be closed. Yard trimmings are recyclable, so please do not contaminate them with any of the following: Yard trimmings are NOT palm fronds, bamboo, plastic, dirt, cactus, tree stumps, branches greater than 3″ in diameter, street sweepings, ashes, animal waste, lumber, logs, large tree limbs, old garden hoses or broken flowerpots.

Yard waste is collected on the same day as garbage and recycling are collected. These materials must be properly prepared for collection and set out at your curb.

How do I dispose of hazardous materials?

DO NOT place hazardous material in your trash container, recycling container, or in your yard waste container. The City of Pasadena participates in a countywide hazardous materials recovery program. Round-ups are periodically scheduled throughout the area. To find out when the next one is, or to dispose of materials, contact Los Angeles County at their toll free number 1-888-CLEAN-L.A. or visit them on the Web. http://www.888cleanla.comHousehold hazardous waste is any material discarded from home that threatens public health and safety or the environment due to its chemical nature. Examples of hazardous products in your home include batteries, paint, aerosol products, pesticides, and vehicle fluids.

What should I do with my Christmas Tree?

There is a separate, free, Christmas tree recycling program. Notices will be sent to residents to inform them of their tree pickup date. For your tree to be collected and recycled, you:

  1. Must place your tree at the curb by your specified time
  2. Must remove all tinsel, ornaments and decorations
  3. Must remove all metal and plastic bowls/stands
  4. Must place tree on the curb, not in the alley

How can I rent a dumpster?

The City of Pasadena offers 3 cubic yard bins for rent. Please contact the Citizen Service Center to rent.

  • Available to City of Pasadena Refuse Customers
  • Rentals are 1 week
  • 92.91 per load
  • We cannot accept construction materials, electronic waste or household hazardous waste in the bin
  • For a list of haulers that do accept construction material, please visit: Franchise List
  • For information on Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling requirements, please visit: Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

Rates & Fees

The rates and fees listed are valid from 7/1/21 through 6/30/22

Container Type / Service Rate
100 Gallon MW 40.99
32 Gallon MW 16.29
60 Gallon MW 26.44
Admin/Refuse 11.78
Lifeline 60MW 27.36
100 Gallon MW Additional 34.70
32 Gallon MW Additional 13.44
60 Gallon MW Additional 22.11
1 BIN-1 P/U WK -RES 124.70
1 BIN-2 P/U WK-RES 202.36
2 BINS-1 P/U WK-RES 171.91
2 BINS-2 P/U WK-RES 264.17
Additional Bin Pickup-RES 69.34
Additional Bin Pickup-COM 98.97
Additional Container Pickup-RES 13.21
Additional Container Pickup-COM 18.81
Additional Temp Bin Pickup-COM 132.69
Additional Temp Bin Pickup-RES 92.95
Change Out Commercial 51.09
Change Out Resident 35.81
Temporary Bin Service – COM 132.69
Temporary Bin Service –  RES 92.95


To review the complete General Fees and Tax Schedule, please visit:

Commercial Haulers

Am I allowed to use a commercial hauler?

The city will not collect solid waste from commercial units, estate-type residential units (20,000 or more sq. ft.) or multiple family residential units containing 5 or more family residential units, except upon written request made to the director by the property owner or his duly authorized agent for such service for a minimum period of 6 months.

Collection, removal and disposal of solid waste from all single-family residential units and all multiple family residential units containing 4 or less family residential units shall be performed exclusively by the city.

What haulers may I use?

You can find a complete list below under the topic titled List of Approved Franchise Haulers.

Franchise System Requirements


Attention Solid Waste Collection Haulers and Composting Haulers

Effective, August 23, 2015, a revised Solid Waste and Collection Franchise System Ordinance #7264 in Chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code allows new haulers that only haul organic material to a compost facility to apply for a franchise and collect specified materials from commercial entities and single family residences.

Qualified Solid Waste Collection and Composting Haulers

Companies collecting, transporting, disposing and recycling in the City of Pasadena;

On August 6, 2007, City Council approved an action to close the solid waste franchise system to any new franchisees under chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code until further action of Council. Existing franchisees with the City on or prior to August 6, 2007 may apply for a franchise renewal by following the procedures set forth in section 8.61.070.

On September 29, 2014, City Council approved an action to maintain a closed franchise system for solid waste haulers and construction and demolition haulers and open the franchise system to new haulers that collect and transport organic material to a composting facility that has been permitted by the State of California.

Basic Requirements for a Franchise Renewal

  • Complete and submit all required forms and fees for possible approval;
  • Enter into agreement by and between the City of Pasadena and solid waste collection company;
  • Demonstrate compliance with Chapter 8.61 of the Pasadena Municipal Code and all provisions of that Chapter;

Past Performance Review

  • Auto, general and worker’s compensation insurance certificates ($100,000 for automobile liability and $1,000,000 for general liability) must be current.
  • Must utilize alternative-fuel solid waste collection vehicles in accordance with Rule 1193 through South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Statement of Compliance approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • California Highway Patrol Certification on file.
  • Business License Permit with approved vehicle inspections conducted by the Public Works Department
  • Meet monthly and yearly 60% recycling diversion percentage for solid waste material and 75% for construction and demolition.
  • Audit Findings should be current.

A copy of the revised Pasadena Municipal Code Section 8.61 is available online or by requesting a copy from:

Mayra Ruizesparza
(626) 744-7119