Eviction Protection Laws

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In December 2022, Pasadena voters approved Measure H, the Pasadena Fair & Equitable Housing Charter Amendment bringing significant changes to eviction regulations.  In almost all rental units in Pasadena, you must be given a valid reason for any notice to vacate.


Nearly all rental units in the city, including condos and single-family homes.


  • Residents in hotels/motels for a duration of less than 30 days.
  • Hospitals, medical facilities, treatment/recovery programs, educational dorms, convents, and nursing homes.
  • Certain government-owned rental units.
  • Owner-occupied units where the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen with the owner.
  • Single-family homeowner with a temporary tenancy agreement under specific conditions


When terminating a tenancy, landlords must provide written notice specifying one of the allowed Just Cause reasons for eviction:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Owner or owner relative move-in
  • Withdrawal of the rental unit from the market (Ellis Act)
  • Breach of the lease
  • Nuisance
  • Illegal activity
  • Necessary and substantial repairs
  • Failure to give access to the unit
  • Refusal to execute a new lease
  • Pursuant to a Government Order (red-tag, demolition order, etc.)
  • Subtenant in Sole Possession


Landlords may not retaliate against or harass tenants for exercising rights afforded by the law including the right to organize and participate in tenant advocacy activity.  Any such retaliation or harassment is a defense to an eviction.


Landlords must provide relocation assistance which includes an additional sum for moving expenses to any tenant who is displaced because of a no-fault eviction or an excessive rent increase causing the tenant to move out of the unit. Relocation assistance can be in the form of money, comparable accommodation, and/or services from a relocation specialist in locating a new place to live – all provided by the landlord.

Relocation assistance must be provided for the following no-fault reasons for evictions:

  • Necessary and substantial repairs
  • Owner or a qualified relative can move into the unit (owner move-in)
  • Withdraw the unit permanently from the rental market (Ellis Act)
  • Pursuant to a government order (red-tag, demolition order, etc.)
  • Inability to pay a rent increase in excess of 5% plus the most recently announced Annual General Adjustment (AGA) in any twelve-month period

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