Rental Registry

The Rent Stabilization Department will be announcing the implementation timeline of the Rental Registry,
which is currently estimated to launch in June 2024.

What is the Rental Registry?

The Rental Registry is a central database containing information on all rental units in Pasadena subject to rent stabilization regulations. This includes details such as:

  • Property information: Address, unit type, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.
  • Rental information: Current rent, allowable rent increases, lease terms, etc.
  • Ownership information: Landlord contact details, management company info (if applicable)

Benefits for Tenants:

  • Increased transparency: Easily access rental unit information and applicability to rent stabilization regulations
  • Improved communication: Receive important updates and resources from the Rent Stabilization Department.

Benefits for Landlords:

  • Streamlined compliance: Assists with managing revolving tenancies and calculating rent increases
  • Reduced administrative burden: Assists with tracking capital improvements, prevents frivolous challenges to lawful rent increases
  • Improved communication: Receive official notices and resources from the Rent Stabilization Department.

Rollout Plan

The Rent Stabilization Department is committed to a smooth and inclusive implementation of the Rental Registry. The implementaiton timeline is under development and subject to change:

  • February 2024: Project Kick-off with selected software vendor
  • April 2024: Conduct Stakeholder Engagement Workshops
  • May 2024: Develop Rent Registry Database and related regulations
  • June 2024: Pilot Test Registry
  • Late June/Early July 2024: Open Registration

Get Involved

We encourage everyone to learn more about the Rental Registry and participate in our upcoming outreach initiatives. Stay informed by signing up for our email lists.