April: Sale of Residential Rental Property

Did you know? The sale of property, foreclosure, or change in ownership do not constitute a just cause for eviction in Pasadena. Understanding Property Sales & Measure H When a property is sold, the terms of tenancy (including the rent amount) transfers to the next owner. It is imperative that all parties understand the rent control status (if any) and registration requirements and status before purchasing the property. New buyers may consider Owner Move-In and “Ellis Act” evictions if they... continue reading »"April: Sale of Residential Rental Property"

March: Relocation Assistance

Audience: Landlords & Tenants Did you know? For most rental units in Pasadena, landlords must pay a fee to tenants who are forced to permanently move out of their homes. Understanding Permanent Relocation Assistance Who is eligible: For tenants who live in a rental unit covered by the Fair and Equitable Housing Charter Amendment (Measure H), relocation assistance is required when: The landlord takes the property off the rental market (Ellis Act eviction) The landlord or their relative moves into... continue reading »"March: Relocation Assistance"