April: Sale of Residential Rental Property

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Did you know? The sale of property, foreclosure, or change in ownership do not constitute a just cause for eviction in Pasadena.

Understanding Property Sales & Measure H

  • When a property is sold, the terms of tenancy (including the rent amount) transfers to the next owner. It is imperative that all parties understand the rent control status (if any) and registration requirements and status before purchasing the property.
  • New buyers may consider Owner Move-In and “Ellis Act” evictions if they wish to move into the unit or take it off the rental market. However, these actions carry significant restrictions and tenant protections. Consult an attorney or a Housing Counselor for further explanation regarding landlords’ rights and responsibilities.
  • State law allows landlords the right of entry to show the unit to prospective buyers and tenants (Ca. Civ. Code § 1954). Landlords must provide at least 24-hour written notice prior to the time of entry and limit entry to normal business hours.
  • Landlords may offer tenants voluntary buyout agreements prior to the sale of a property.
  • After purchasing, new owners must update ownership information with the Rent Stabilization Department within 30 days.

Property Sale Resources