July: Subletting and Replacing Roommates

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Did you know? Subletting your room might be prohibited by your lease. Check the terms before you start!

Understanding Subletting 

  • How do I know if I can sublet: Under Pasadena’s Charter Amendment (Measure H), a subletter may replace a departing tenant on a one-for-one basis. In all other cases, check your lease!
  • Landlord approval of subtenants: Some leases require landlord approval of sub-tenants. If that is the case, send the landlord qualified candidates to approve. Landlords must respond in 14 days and may not unreasonably withhold approval of new roommates or subletters.
  • Sublease Addendum: A sublease addendum is important to keep track of who is an “original occupant” and what the terms of the sublease are.
  • Proportional Apportionment: A master or co-tenant cannot charge a sub-tenant more than the amount proportional to the space they occupy.
  • Rent Ceiling: A master tenant subletting an entire unit cannot charge a subtenant an amount that is higher than the monthly rent the master tenant is paying the landlord.
  • Adding family members to your unit: You can add qualifying family members in your unit, as long as the total number of occupants does not exceed what is permitted under the Uniform Housing Code.
  • If you are a subtenant: ask to see a copy of the original lease agreement.

Subletting Resources

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