June: Just Cause Eviction

Did you know? For most rental units in Pasadena, landlords must have a “Just Cause” reason to terminate a tenancy or evict a tenant.

Understanding Just Cause Evictions

  • A property owner can only evict a tenant if there is one of the following “Just Causes”:
    • Failure to pay rent
    • Breach of the lease
    • Nuisance
    • Illegal activity
    • Refusal to execute a new lease with same material terms
    • Subtenant in sole possession of unit
    • Failure to give access to the unit as required by State law
    • Owner or owner relative move-in *
    • Withdrawal of rental unit from market (Ellis Act) *
    • Necessary and substantial repairs *
    • Pursuant to a Government Order *
    • * no-fault reasons for eviction
  • In some instances, a landlord must provide the tenant with a written Notice to Cease and a reasonable opportunity to comply before giving a notice of termination
  • Owners of rental units covered under the Charter Amendment (Measure H) must provide written notice specifying the reason for eviction.
  • Tenants are entitled to relocation assistance if evicted due to no fault of their own (i.e. Owner Move In, Ellis Act, Necessary Repairs, Government Order).

Just Cause Eviction Resources