March: Relocation Assistance

Audience: Landlords & Tenants

Did you know? For most rental units in Pasadena, landlords must pay a fee to tenants who are forced to permanently move out of their homes.

Understanding Permanent Relocation Assistance

  • Who is eligible: For tenants who live in a rental unit covered by the Fair and Equitable Housing Charter Amendment (Measure H), relocation assistance is required when:
    • The landlord takes the property off the rental market (Ellis Act eviction)
    • The landlord or their relative moves into the apartment (owner move-in eviction)
    • The landlord receives a government order (red-tag, demolition order, etc.)
    • The landlord needs to undertake “necessary and substantial repairs”
    • The tenant is unable to pay a rent increase in excess of 5% plus the Annual General Adjustment (AGA)*
  • Type of Assistance: Comparable accommodations OR a sum of money and services from a relocation specialist
  • Amount: Depends on the size of unit and length of tenancy, with additional payments for “Special Circumstances Households” (elderly, minors, terminally ill, or disabled)
  • Process: Landlords must file a “Notice of Intent to Terminate” form with the tenant and Rent Stabilization Department 30 days before issuing an eviction notice

*Only applicable to tenants who are not covered by rent stabilization

Permanent Relocation Assistance Resources

CONSULT: Relocation Assistance Fact Sheet for relocation amounts (in Spanish)
COMPLETE: Notice of Intent to Terminate form for landlords
REVIEW: Tenant Relocation Claim Checklist for tenants
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