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About PDoT

The Department is a multi-discipline team that carries out a variety of diverse, interrelated activities that sustain, promote, and enhance accessibility, connectivity and mobility in the community. The Department brand positioning statement is “Moving People to Places, Connectivity”.

The Department consists of five distinct divisions, which include Administration, Traffic Operations & Engineering, Parking Services, Complete Streets, and Public Transit. Each division houses many programs and initiatives that support safe mobility for the well-being of Pasadena residents, visitors, and businesses.


Supports the Director’s office.
Supports the Transportation Advisory Commission.
Manages finance, payroll and capital monitoring.
Responsible for regional transportation policy and program coordination, trip reduction initiatives.
Manages the update of the General Plan Mobility Element.

Complete Streets

Regulates buildings subject to the City’s Traffic Reduction Ordinance (TRO).
Staffs the Pasadena Transportation Management Association (TMA).
Manages the City’s Electric Vehicle infrastructure (in conjunction with PWP).
Manages preparation of traffic impact analyses and parking studies for development projects.
Provides the transportation review of development proposals.

Public Transit

Pasadena Transit local transit circulator (via contract operator).
Senior/Disabled Dial-A-Ride (DAR) (via contract operator).
Customer service (trip planning, schedules, DAR eligibility, facilities monitoring and route/system planning).

Traffic Operations & Engineering

Conducts traffic planning and design of management strategies for school areas.
Conducts traffic investigations.
Issues work orders for traffic control devices (signs, markings, signals).
Sets the boundaries for the preferential parking permit program.
Traffic Signal Operations and Transportation Management Center (TMC).
Maintains signal coordination on mobility corridors.
Monitors gate operations at Gold Line crossings.
Administers capital projects for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
Designs/reviews traffic control plans for construction and special events.
Prepares engineering traffic studies for speed limits.
Prepares and Reviews channelization plans.

Parking Services

On-street parking enforcement (via enforcement contractor).
Collects meter revenue and maintains meters.
Issues all preferential, overnight and daytime parking permits (jointly with Municipal Services).
Operates the TOPEO and TOPEK temporary exemption machines and on-line service.
Staffs and coordinates two parking meter zone commissions (OPPMZAC and SLPPC).
Manages 9 off-street parking structures (via three parking operators and a security firm).
Administers a capital program for maintenance of the parking facilities.
Maintains the Zoning Parking Credit system in Old Pasadena.

Plans and Goals

On an annual basis, the Department of Transportation establishes priorities and goals to ensure our organization is successful in meeting our strategic plan.

The following are PDOT’s three year goals:

  • Implement the Complete Streets strategy, safety and operational strategies;
  • Provide and enhance safe, reliable, seamless and exemplary local transit services in the City of Pasadena and the Dial-A-Ride service area;
  • Enhance the efficiencies of on-street and off-street parking management; and
  • Enhance organizational and operational effectiveness, efficiency, and communication with the community.


Old Pasadena Parking Meter Zone Advisory Commission

To recommend to the City Council the priority expenditures of net revenues from the parking meters within the parking meter zone for street and parking related expenditures which regulate and control traffic and parking within parking meter zone and its surrounding areas; and to study and examine other parking related issues referred to it by the City Council or by the Director of Public Works and Transportation which may include, but without limitation, proposed changes and amendments to the parking meter rates. View Current Agenda

South Lake Parking Commission

The purpose of the commission is to operate, manage and control the parking places within the district, and make and enforce all necessary regulations for the maintenance and operation of the district. View Current Agenda

Transportation Advisory Commission

To advise the City Council concerning policies affecting the City’s transportation system. View Current Agenda