Get A Text, Not A Tow

Get A Text, Not A Tow   The Text Before Tow program notifies enrolled participants via text and email of an impending tow due to blocked driveway, temporary no parking and 72-hour parking violations. In some situations, motorists may be unaware that they’re at risk of being towed and simply need to be alerted. One of the lesser known violations is the 72-hour parking violation. Traditionally, the City leaves a courtesy note when a car is tagged for removal due to violation; however,... continue reading »"Get A Text, Not A Tow"


The City of Pasadena Department of Transportation is hosting a month long campaign of fun and healthy bicycle activities throughout the month of May. May is traditionally recognized as National Bike Month but has not been celebrated in Pasadena since 2019.  Activities will include group rides, social gatherings, a film screening, and guided tours of local landmarks. So dust off those bikes, put on a helmet, and come see Pasadena on bike! Bike Month Pasadena is made possible by the... continue reading »"BIKE MONTH PASADENA RETURNS!"