North Lake Avenue Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Plan

Project Overview

The City of Pasadena is conducting a safety enhancement corridor study for North Lake Avenue from Mountain Street to Maple Street. Through this project, the City aims to improve pedestrian and traffic safety along the 0.6 mile-long corridor that links downtown and the Gold Line Lake Station with the neighborhoods north of the freeway and Altadena. This project will use public and stakeholder input to assess the safety and connectivity of all roadway users. A concept design with cost estimation will be developed with feasible improvements supported by the community.

North Lake Avenue is defined as a principal arterial in the City’s General Plan. It consists of two travel lanes in each direction, with a two-way left-turn lane or a raised median in the middle. The roadway is heavily used by pedestrians and vehicles. It carries an average weekday daily vehicle volume of around 36,800. A few intersections along the corridor are among those with the highest crash frequencies in the City of Pasadena.

The project is consistent with the General Plans’ Mobility Element by designing intersections to provide a safe and efficient flow of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.

Project Goals
  • Involve the community members and stakeholders to identify safety and connectivity issues for pedestrians and vehicles along the corridor.
  • Develop a concept design to improve pedestrian and traffic safety.
  • Build community support for the implementation of safety improvements.
 Third Virtual Workshop

The third community workshop is here. Join us online or by phone for a community meeting to learn more!

Meeting information:

Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (please make this line bold)

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