Pasadena Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan 2023

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Pasadena Walks! is a project designated to develop a Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan for Pasadena. The project will identify barriers to walking and options to improve such barriers. Over the course of the project, the project team conducted a number of activities to inform plan development, including:

  • Reviewed of citywide pedestrian collision data
  • Collected public input and feedback via a survey, focus groups, and outreach
  • Conducted presentations to update stakeholders and the public on our progress
  • Collected counts of Pedestrians currently walking on city streets

Street Safety

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, traffic crashes are the number one cause of premature death in the County for children aged 5-14. Vehicle collisions are also the number two cause of premature death for children 1-4, young adults 15-24, and adults 25-44.

The project will review local collision data as part of the planning process to identify locations that are most difficult for people walking in Pasadena. This data may then be used to help prioritize future investments and safety improvements.

Pasadena Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan - Final Draft

Pasadena Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan 2023

The Pasadena Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan is ready for review.

2024 Pasadena Pedestrian Action Plan

Advisory Committee

    • James Farr, Accessibility and Disability Commission
    • Alison Everett, Accessibility Coordinator
    • Allen Shay, Northwest Commission
    • Bin Lee, Council District 1 Appointee
    • Aaron Salinger, Council District 2 Appointee
    • Morey Wolfson, Council District 3 Appointee
    • Carlos Rios P.E., Council District 4 Appointee
    • Topher Mathers, Council District 5 Appointee
    • Nancy Walker, Ph.D., Council District 6 Appointee
    • Ashley Haire Ph.D., P.E., Council District 7 Appointee
    • Deborah Dentler, Playhouse Village Association
    • Gina Tleel, South Lake Business Association
    • Steve Mulheim, Old Pasadena Management District
    • Ken Perry, Keep Pasadena Moving
    • Amanda Colligan, Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition
    • Dan Huynh, Staff appointed volunteer
    • Lameese Chang, Staff appointed volunteer

The project is supported by an advisory committee composed of members of the Pasadena Commissions, Business Improvement Districts, appointees from each Council District, and local stakeholder groups.