Slow Streets Neighborhood Protection Plan

While more of us are walking, running, or biking in our neighborhoods while maintaining safe social distance, we need to remember to Slow Down and look out for one another. The Department of Transportation wants to identify Slow Streets that are comfortable for walking and biking with signage with the help of residents. The City of Pasadena wants to hear from you on good locations where we can place Slow Streets Signage much like the examples on this page.

Slow Streets are not closed streets. Residents needing to leave and return home, delivery trucks, necessary and emergency traffic will not be blocked, but reminded to look out for residents on foot or on bike. Slow Streets are for local residents only and not intended as gathering places. This is a program to promote recreation at safe distances. Instances of improper use such as parties and gatherings will result in the removal of Slow Streets.

In order to create effective routes where residents can recreate safely, we want to put more signs more frequently on a limited number of streets throughout the City that are low traffic, low speed, and comfortable for residents of all ages. This means that only a handful of streets in each part of the City will be chosen for this program. The majority of residential streets will not be chosen.

We learned through trying to place signs on as many streets as we could that not all streets are comfortable for recreation. We need your help to make this a sustainable program, so if you are interested in nominating your street as a “Slow Street”, please apply below.

Slow Streets Application
By applying, you are volunteering to work with City staff through regular communication on matters such as equipment maintenance and general condition of the street, if your street is approved.
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