Slow Streets Neighborhood Protection Plan

Thank you for your interest in making your street a slower street. As we readjust from a distance learning and working world, we will be transitioning out of the Slow Streets program towards safety awareness efforts that better adapts to how Pasadena streets are used. We will not be taking new applications for Slow Streets after June 1, 2021.

Launched in response to COVID to allow for greater social distancing while out, these signs worked best while we were taking so many neighborhood-focused walks and bike rides that we often needed to walk and roll into the street in order to give each other a respectful amount of space. The Slow Streets program, however, is only as effective as Pasadenans on foot, bike, or behind the wheel made it. With vaccination rates on the rise and Pasadenans returning to workplaces and classrooms, how we use our streets is slightly shifting. We are also finding that motorists are being less observant of the signs and the reasoning behind more recent requests for signs indicate that the initial intent and effectiveness of the signs have greatly diminished. As such, our programming will also be shifting. Please stay tuned for more to come on this.

City staff will remove the signs at the end of July 2021 in advance of the 2021-2022 school year.

We understand that excessive speeds and inconsiderate driving in our neighborhoods are still a concern. More robust traffic calming measures can be investigated by Department of Transportation staff by request. The best way to reach us about any issue, whether it’s a cracked sidewalk, overgrown tree, or how your street can get speed humps, is through the City’s Citizen Service Center. The Pasadena Citizen Service Center can be reached online at or via the telephone at (626) 744-7311.

As we all readjust to our daily routines, let’s remember to watch out for one another by driving safely. Thank you again for helping make Pasadena a safer place.