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The City of Pasadena is committed to making its website,, as accessible as possible for all constituents.  Visual, physical or developmental disabilities are some examples of the various disabilities that can effect user interaction with electronic media.  It is the City’s goal to provide a good web experience for all users.

To meet that goal, the City of Pasadena has developed a set of standards for the new City of design.  In those standards, each newly created web page is checked for Section 508 compliance and enforces W3C’s WCAG Level 1 requirements.

The City of Pasadena will be evaluating on a regular basis and the site will continue to evolve and improve over time as new technologies and opportunities emerge.  To help improve the accessibility of, the City has asked users with disabilities to review the site and has also reviewed the site's accessibility with outside web tools.  The results of these reviews have been incorporated into the website.

The City welcomes comments on how to improve the site's accessibility for users with disabilities.  To send a comment or suggestion, please use the form provided on this page.

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