Oversight Commission Support Division

The Oversight Commission Support Division within the Office of the City Attorney/City Prosecutor is responsible for supporting the newly established Community Police Oversight Commission’s (CPOC) police oversight and accountability efforts. The purpose of the CPOC is to enhance, develop, and strengthen community-police relations and review and make recommendations regarding the ongoing operations of the Police Department to the Police Chief, City Manager, and/or City Council. The Division works with the commissioners to implement the CPOC’s work plan and prepare its annual report

The Division also administers the services of the City’s Independent Police Auditor (IPA), who, among other things, serves as the best practices advisor to the CPOC, reviews police officers’ categorical uses of force to assess whether the Police Department’s investigation was complete, thorough, objective, and fair, and reviews complaints of bias-based policing. Working with the IPA and Police Department, the Division seeks to increase transparency and public accountability while ensuring the confidentiality of any legally protected information.

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