Allen Station Gold Line Safety Enhancements

Project Overview

The City of Pasadena Complete Streets policies emphasize the need to enhance pedestrian walkability and bicyclist safety along Allen Avenue corridor between Villa Street and Colorado Boulevard. A wide variety of road users including motorists, transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists use the study corridor, due to its proximity to I-210 Freeway, the Metro Gold Line Station, and Pasadena City College.

Goals & Objectives

  • Involve community and stakeholders to identify project needs and concerns
  • Enhance the safety and walkability of this vital pedestrian connection to the Metro Gold Line Allen Station
  • Develop a concept plan and 3D rendering for Allen Avenue corridor that is accepted by the community

Existing Conditions

Please click here for the flyover video of the Allen Avenue corridor.

The exhibit below is a snapshot of the existing condition of the corridor identified by our consultant team.

Allen Avenue Map - Existing Conditions


Between Years 2007 and 2016, the corridor has experienced 17 bicycle related collisions and 10 pedestrian-related collisions.

Collision Heatmap

Most of sidewalk segments along the Allen Avenue corridor are uneven and have varied widths. Both the landscape and concreted improvements are in need of rehabilitation.

Some intersections are extremely wide, creating unfriendly environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. Some traffic signal equipment may not meet MUTCD standard.

Some curb ramps are not ADA compliant.

Bus shelter and other amenities on the sidewalk reduce the walking space for pedestrians.


DOT and its consultant team are currently studying the existing conditions of the corridor. The first pre-design community meeting will be held on May 8 at Santa Catalina Library.

A survey will be conducted at Allen Station in late April and May, as well as posted online to seek public inputs on how to improve the safety and walkability of this vital pedestrian connection to the Allen Station.

Concept design will then be prepared by the consultant team to address the needs and concerns from the community.

Three community meetings will be held to inform the public of the proposed improvements, and to receive feedback.

Project Timeline

Allen Ave Final Report

Share Your Thoughts in Person: Join Us at The Community Workshop!

Community Workshops

90% Concept Design Workshop

Date: Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2018
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Santa Catalina Library, 999 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

Pre-Design Workshop

On May 8, 2018, a pre-design community workshop was hosted at the Santa Catalina Library to seek public input on the project. A brief presentation was made to introduce the project background. Afterwards, all the meeting participants were broken down into five groups and discussed where and how safety improvements shall be made along the Allen Avenue Corridor. All of the public comments were recorded and categorized.


Share Your Thoughts Online: Fill Out Our Survey!

Click here to share your thoughts on how to improve Allen Avenue corridor. You may also email to provide your input on enhancing safety and improving access to the Allen Station along Allen Avenue corridor.